Since arriving at the Legislature in 2013, Steve has focused on improving public education, promoting economic development, and keeping our state in good financial standing. Now, as we battle the Coronavirus, Steve is working harder than ever to make sure our needs are addressed and we can come back stronger than ever. Here are some of his accomplishments:

Fighting COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is the biggest issue our state is currently facing. All of us have felt its effects on our community. When the virus first hit North Carolina, the Legislature took quick action to address our state’s needs to fight the virus. Steve Ross voted for a historic COVID Relief Package that appropriated $50 million for personal protective equipment, $109 million to make coronavirus testing available to more North Carolinians, and $49 million to fund research to develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus. In addition, Steve Ross helped start a $125 million emergency loan program for small businesses affected by the virus. This program saved over 6,000 jobs and helped employees keep paying their bills until they could return to work. The work isn’t finished, but Steve Ross is committed to doing everything in his power to help North Carolina get through this as quickly as possible and come back stronger.


As your representative, Steve Ross has voted for every teacher pay raise that has come across his desk. North Carolina has one of the fastest rising teacher pay rates in the nation and North Carolina teachers have seen their pay rise by an average of 20% since 2013. K-12 spending has increased from $7.6 billion in 2011 to $9.8 billion in 2019 and education spending currently makes up over 59% of the state’s budget.

Growing our Economy

Steve Ross has worked with Legislative Leaders and the Department of Commerce to make North Carolina one of the top places for investment and business relocation in the nation. Steve has also secured funding for massive renovation projects in Burlington, Haw River, Mebane, and Graham to repurpose historic mills into residential and retail space.

Balancing the Budget

Every year that Rep. Ross has been in the Legislature, he has voted for a balanced state budget. North Carolina has also paid off large portions of previous debts and set money aside for a rainy day fund. This fund has been instrumental in providing immediate relief after natural disasters and during the Coronavirus pandemic.