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Jobs & Economy

When I was first elected to the NC House, North Carolina’s economy was in bad shape. Unemployment was sky-high. We had a $3 billion dollar budget deficit, record-high taxes, and out-of-control regulations that were killing small businesses. That’s why we immediately went to work to get our economy moving again. We enacted job-creating regulatory reform, passed historic tax relief, rolled back government red tape, and balanced the state budget. These reforms led to an all-time low in unemployment, over 500,000 new jobs created, and more money in the pockets of hard-working families. North Carolina is now widely recognized as one of the best states in the country for job growth and quality of life.


It is my top priority to empower parents in their children’s educational decisions. In the House, I supported increased funding for our classrooms and helped pass reforms that put our students first: reducing class sizes, expanding School Choice, and prioritizing early education. I supported numerous pay raises for our teachers, which resulted in the average teacher salary surpassing $55,000 a year. If I return to Raleigh, I will push to expand School Choice and fight to keep woke political ideologies like Critical Race Theory out of the classroom. Schools are for learning, not for indoctrination.


The antidote for out-of-control government spending is lower taxes. North Carolinians need to keep more of their hard-earned money…and keep the government’s hands out of their pockets! In the House, I voted for the largest tax cuts in state history, lowering the Personal Income Tax and making it flat and fair for everybody. We have worked hard to produce a tax system that doesn’t burden middle class families and allows small businesses to grow and create jobs. I seek to continue that work in Raleigh through additional tax cuts and reforms.


Our infrastructure needs vast improvements in order to serve the people. Improvements to our roads and bridges not only increase safety, but provide jobs for our community. When taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly on transportation projects, our state’s potential grows. Alamance County has a unique position on the eastern edge of the Triad and the western edge of the Triangle. The roads have to keep up with development and the influx of people moving to our community.

Constitutional Rights

I believe that this country and the state will call home, North Carolina, belongs to the Citizens. Unfortunately, activist judges have taken over at the state-level, calling into question our very fundamental freedoms. The greatest danger to our freedom, including our Second Amendment right to bear arms, is a government that disregards the Constitution. Abandoning the Constitution and its principles is a slippery slope — one that I commit to relentlessly fight against in the General Assembly. I will vigorously defend the Second Amendment, the right to life — including the life of the unborn — liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.